Page-turn animation graphic of Charleston Battery
located in historic Charleston, South Carolina USA

Charleston was first founded as Charles Towne in 1670!

Due to the immense world-wide popularity and historic significance of the City of Charleston, SC itself, the above page turning animation should prove impressive to almost everybody who sees it. People will naturally be curious about how it was made, so this page has been created for just that purpose.

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Original Old photo of Charleston SC Battery Park
Original photo from the Charleston Historic Society - 24-bit JPG file with 16.7 Million colors.

Greyscale 4-Bit GIF shot of Battery Park in Charleston SC
Charleston Historic Society photo I've converted to a greyscale 4-bit (16 color) GIF image.

New color photo of Charleston South Carolina Battery Park
Color photo of Charleston Battery - 24-bit JPG with 16.7M colors (photographer unknown).

The animation was created using Animation Shop v3.04 by Jasc Software. This was part of a Paint Shop Pro 10th Anniversary package, bundled with Paint Shop Pro v7.04. Jasc Software was later acquired by Corel. Much to Corel's dismay I'm sure, some people still claim this old version is better that ANY of the later versions! Interestingly, when this version came out, people were still surfing the web with 14.4K modems! The program only calculates image download speeds for 14.4K, 28.8K, 56K and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network - TWO 64K Data Channels = 128K Max!). Broadband, as we know it today, was quite rare - usually only available at colleges or universities. As a rule, graphics optimized to load very fast never go out of style!

To learn more about the Quicktime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movies on this site, visit the web site of NC Photographer Cramer Gallimore. He took 16 full-size photos and seamlessly stitched them together to create each one of these QTVR files. Compared to my animation, his work is truly amazing!

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Take our Virtual Tour of the Charleston Battery.

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